Veles Vibes: Plug ‘Na vratima hrama mudrosti’

960One of my fav’s from the Old Country – Plug (Cro. Plow). The title translates as “At the Door of the Temple of Wisdom”. Classic Balkan stings set the stage for syncopated flute notes that tug at your weary heart, reawakening the ancestor spirits and reinvigorating the body for one last kolo in the meadow before harvest.

As Dazhbog makes his decent to Navi, the black sun of the autumnal equinox stands as a threshold. Our shadow is the doorway, behind which lies the inner temple. Go there. Make praise and sacrifice to Svarog for another year. Pour libations to Mokoš in gratitude for your bounty. Aid in the healing Mother Zemlja – for her labor has born you a priceless gift. Dožinky is near… So like the beard of Veles, trim from your life that which you no longer wish to carry with you into light of the newborn sun – Because Božić will be here before you know it!