Rod Work: Follow me on Insta and let’s start a movement

14359466_881291628672290_636958345_nRecognizing the extraordinary power the digital imaginarium has to communicate to a new generation the Old Ways and the message of the Old Gods, I (at Veles’ behest) started an Instagram and Twitter account. I’ll use this to facilitate my work and the work of so many others looking to revive and reconstruct Slavic polytheism and witchcraft traditions.

No longer can we assume an idle posture, content with individual academic study and private practice. If Rodnovery is to be religion recognized on the world stage – If it is to be a neo-pagan movement on par with the Wiccan communities and Asatru congregations throughout the world – we need to shift how we view ourselves and our gods. We must begin to consider new methods of outreach, yes. But first we must consider our own perception of Slavic identity as Westerners largely alienated from the Old Country. If we only view ourselves from this isolated perspective we will remain just that – isolated.  We will never have our local sabors and the small spark Svarožič gave us years ago will run the risk of being snuffed out with the frigid ease of a Russian blizzard.

So here is what you can do to keep that from happening

  • Affirm for yourself a Slavic and Rodnover identity
  • Make your national identity subordinate to your Slavic and Rodnover one (sectarianism has derailed Slavic people from achieving global unity [a la Jewish culture] for centuries).
  • Connect with other Slavs and Rodnovers in the Old Country to broaden your knowledge and reach (with social media and translation tools this isn’t as hard as it sounds)
  • Confront the politics of monotheist belief systems without disrespecting its believers (Catholicism, Orthodoxy & Islam have been used to suppress Native Slavic culture and colonize Slavic people for easy exploitation, but who remembers that? – You do.)
  • Be unafraid to discuss your faith and practice with those who are curious to know more (move yourself from the shadows of Marena into the light of Dazhbog)
  • When you meet another Slav greet them as you would a brother or sister (show them the type of hospitality that would make your Babushka proud)
  • Demonstrate the fullness of Slavic identity by just being you (Proselytizing the virtues of the Gods or the power of traditional craft will spook anyone who views themselves as an ordinary Western secularist or devout Christian. Your job is to guide them on their own journey, to gently nudge, until they realize Slavic identity for themselves)
  • Organize! Organize! Organize! (social outings, supper clubs, folk dances, craft seminars, festivals, study groups, hikes, rituals, retreats, ect.)

Find me @SlavicSorceress on Instagram and @SlavicPriestess on Twitter