Rod Ways: How to make Pisanki like your Baba

Do you often fall prey to doubt and negative thoughts? Everyone does – It’s the end of winter. Tired of falling back into the same old behavior patterns? Everyone is – Spring is coming… Want to do something about it? – Of course, why not?

Well, have I go news for you! With as little as a half dozen eggs, a wax candle, dye and a few utensils you can charge-up your 2017 with the energy of growth and renewal. Enter the Pisanki! – the Slavic certified ritual technology handed down generation to generation giving hope to the winter weary among us.

Now get out there and start hatching some beauty – and when you do, be sure to take photos and tag me on Instagram @SlavicSorceress so we can share in the vernal vibes.


How to make pisanki with wax from Poland Is Awesome on Vimeo.

ADDENDUM: If you are short on time heading into the holiday, try this wax resist method using nail polish!