About the Author: Gordana Kokić

VucicaGordana Kokić is a writer, performance artist and amateur folklorist living in the damp and demure climbs of Portland, Oregon. Here she honors the old ways of her ancestors as a practitioner of Rodnovery, the indigenous name for the religion of Slavic polytheism. Gordana is Priestess to the deity Veles. She serves as both a patron through traditional devotional practice and as a prophetess who carries the medicine of the Old Country to the Slavic diaspora in the Americas. Gordana is also skilled in the Old Slavonic arts of herbal healing, augury, and conjuration.

During the 1930′s, her folk left the Old Country and came to the Pacific Northwest seeking work in the coal and timber industry. They hailed from various villages in a small county called Imotski tucked away in the Dinaric Alps of Croatia, a Slavic state located along the tranquil shores of the Adriatic Sea in what was then the Republic of Jugoslavia. With them they brought timeless knowledge of the arcane pagan worship, cloaked in the cult of the saints. From this old world they carried a vast corpus of craft wisdom, replete with various recipes, charms and rituals used to alleviate suffering. Gordana credits her grandmother Marvel with giving her a sense of place and profound wonderment.

Typical of the Slavic diaspora, Gordana considers herself a global citizen and has family in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, as well as in Croatia, Bosnia and the United States. She has traveled extensively and remains close to her family both stateside and abroad.

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