Dobrodošao!: Welcome to the New Hearth

Rod- Midsummer ProcessionWhat is Rodnovery?

Rodnovery is an anglicized version of a Slavic compound word that joins the words rodna “native” and vjera “faith”. It is a broad label that encompasses the contemporary polytheistic and pantheistic philosophies and religions indigenous to the thirteen Slavic nations of Europe. It constitutes a revival of the ancient religion of ethnic Slavs and centers on worship of Slavic deities. It is also informed by the surviving folk traditions and spirit work of contemporary Slavic witches. It’s adherents call themselves Rodnovers and in addition to indigenous Slavs, include people of the Slavic diaspora as well as other non-Slavs who have close bonds to Slavic culture.

As the domain may indicate, is dedicated to 21st century exaltation of the ancient Slavic Gods. We seek to educate, inspire and guide those who are being called by our Gods to return to the old ways. We understand well the inherent conflicts modern technocratic life poses to our faith, so we put a spotlight on Heathens who work actively in their devotional practice to reconcile this divide. We will provide community, scholarship and liturgy to all who wish to honor our ancestral path. We come from a non-racist philosophy yet maintain an unbridled policy of free speech. That said, we encourage people to conduct themselves with respect and dignity with the understanding that fear and hatred are the enemies of our Gods, not allies.

Rodnovery is known variously in Eastern Europe as follows…

Belarusian: Родновери 

Bosnian: Rodnovjerje 

Bulgarian: Родноверие 

Czech: Rodnověří 

Croatian: Rodna vjera 

Polish: Rodzimowierstwo 

Russian: Родновериe, Родославие 

Slovak: Rodnoverie 

Slovene: Rodnoverstvo, Staroverstvo 

Serbian: Родноверје

Ukrainian: Рiдна Вiра, Рідновірство, Рідновір’я