Old Slavonic Augury by Gordana Kokić

belarus centre6Augury is the ancient art of interpreting the will of the fates through various forms of ritual and divination. The augur interprets messages from the gods, spirits and ancestors revealed through the use of proven divination technologies and relays that information to the people (s)he serves. Most of the services provided here are auguries, although I do preform oracles as well. These services were once a vital part of the everyday spiritual life of the pre-Christian ancestors of Eastern Europe and many of these methods are still in use today, though no longer in a pagan context. It is my honor to be part of the recovery and reclamation of these forgotten arts on behalf of the Slavic Diaspora here in North America.


imagesRAXV5VPPMolybdomancy - This method has been in use among Slavic people since time immemorial. It comes from the smithy and involves pouring molten lead into a bowl of consecrated water gathered from three virgin streams. The shapes are interpreted for meaning according to traditional discernment methods. The querent receives the favorable pieces to keep as amulets. [Currently Unavailable]


images4IGAW4NWPessomancy - As far as ethnologists and anthropologists can determine, this form of divination is was inherited by Slavs from the Altaic peoples of the Pontic Steppe. 41 beans are arranged in a 3 x 3 grid giving a full-spectrum diagnostic reading that offers insights on past, present and future – including issues related to employment, marriage, children, health, ect. The querent receives a photo of the spread along with the full reading and may request the beans to keep for good luck or to start a garden. ($25)


imagesNJN1LK8TRune Reading - The Baltic Slavs were known to cast lots during their medieval encounters with Norsemen. As this cultural exchange evolved, some adopted the Norse god Odin into their pantheon under the appellation Vodan - master of the rivers. Vodan received the runes as payment for his self-sacrifice on the world tree. The elder Futhark runes are an archaic divination method that can be used diagnostically as well as to see into the future. The querent receives a photo of the spread along with the full reading. ($21)


drip rev canCeromancy - This is a less intensive alternative to Molybdomancy. It has provenance all over the Slavic world but particularly in the east. Bees wax is poured into a bowl of consecrated water (sometimes through a keyhole) and is inspected for meaning based on the likeness of the resulting forms. The querent asks three questions, or one with two follow-ups. I inspect the castings and interpret them based on traditional Balkan correspondences and the querent receives photos of them along with the full reading ($17)


untitled (6) Pyromancy - This art comes from the smithy but is more limited in its interpretive scope. The coals are often made from a “living fire” of oak or elm. This method is useful for specific ‘yes or no’ questions and provides details about how a future endeavor is likely to unfold. The querent asks three questions, or one with two follow-ups and receives the reading based on the sound and behavior of the hot coals after they hit the water. ($15)


untitled (7)Ornithomancy - This is perhaps the oldest form of Slavic augury. Evidence of bird worship in Eastern Europe dates back to the Neolithic and is preserved in the folk tales of the Firebird and Alkonost. Observing the behavior and flight direction of carrion birds in the wild was used by pagan priests to discern propitious times for beginning various undertakings, as well as an “alarm system” to detect danger on the horizon. This is best for ascertaining the success of an imminent endeavor. The querent poses ‘yes or no’ question and receives a reading derived from observing a group of carrion birds leaving their roost  ($9)


c0130Theomancy -  An oracle is a channeled message given to a prophet/ess while in ecstatic trance having been invoked and “ridden” by a god or spirit. This often occurs while under the influence of an entheogenic substance. The message tends to be obscure and cryptic. The onus is on the querent to discern the meaning of the channeled words. Veles is the god of inspiration and lord of hosts – a god of the flocks, commerce, poetry, music, magic and mischief. I consume an herb infused plum brandy while playing a traditional wood flute. (Free)


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